Multiple Teams · Coach Huber’s Blog #7: Movie Night

Coach Huber | August 7, 2015

Blog #7 – Movie Night

Hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start. Our team has been working hard and playing in summer league and shootouts. A couple entries ago I shared my favorite basketball books. Today I am going to share my favorite basketball movies (not documentaries, I’ll save that for another time) for those looking for a good hoops movie to watch on a summer night. Again, these are in no particular order. . .

1) Hoosiers – based on the true story of Milan (Indiana) High School’s 1954 state championship. Indiana does not have divisions, so there is only one state champ. This movie tells the story of one team’s quest to win the championship against long odds.

2) Coach Carter – another underdog story based on real life events. A moving story of a coach who takes over an urban program lacking in discipline and attempts to change his players for the better by teaching them about the life values that will make them good men.

3) White Men Can’t Jump – a classic on a number of levels, namely trash talking. Tells the story of two playground players (Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson) and their quest to make a living playing on the playgrounds of Los Angeles. The basketball is good and the humor is better.

4) He Got Game – the story of Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by a young Ray Allen), a highly touted high school basketball player being recruited by the best schools in the country. The story revolves around his recruitment and his strained relationship with his father (Denzel Washington), who was recently released from prison.

5) Above the Rim – another movie about a high school star. In this movie, he is torn between a life of crime (offered by a drug dealer played by Tupac) or making something of himself by following the advice of a former great player and current school custodian.

6) Glory Road – the true story of Texas Western becoming the first team with an all black starting five to win the NCAA Championship. A riveting story of overcoming adversity and discrimination to accomplish something of not just basketball significance, but historical significance as well.

7) Blue Chips – a story about a coach (Nick Nolte) and the three prized recruits (played by former players Shaquille O’Neal, Anfernee Hardaway and Matt Nover) he thinks he needs to save his program.

8) The Pistol – based on the story of Pistol Pete Maravich, one of the greatest scorers in basketball history. The movie tells the tale of how Pete outworked everyone with a push from his dad (who was also his coach) to become the best player in the country.

9) Semi-Pro – on a less serious note, Semi-Pro is the story of one man’s (Will Ferrell) quest to get his franchise in the NBA. While you may not be overwhelmed by Ferrell’s basketball ability, his antics in his attempts to realize his NBA dream will surely give you a chuckle.

10) Rebound – the true story of Earl “The Goat” Manigault, a New York City playground legend who ends up in jail. The movie tells his story of redemption as he attempts to turn his life around upon his release and help others to avoid the same fate.