Boys Junior Varsity Baseball · Meet the Coach – Joey Keleman

Although no practices or games are on the schedule right now, Holy Name’s coaches are prepping for the seasons ahead. These men and women tirelessly prepare their teams for competition, while also teaching life lessons that will stay with their student-athletes long after the games, matches and meets are over. As you stay at home and look forward to watching the Green Wave compete once again, the Holy Name Athletic Department is happy to introduce you to the coaches leading our programs.

Name and what do you currently coach?

Joey Keleman-Head JV Baseball Coach
All Sport(s) Coached:
Baseball- 17u FORCE Baseball Academy, JV Alliance High School Football-Avon Lake High School Linebackers/Running-Backs
Sports played in High School
Baseball & Football
Favorite sports memory (as an athlete and as a coach)
My greatest sports memory is a recent one. My junior year at The University of Mount Union we were the 2017 OAC Regular Season Champs, set the school record for most wins in a single season with a 31-11 record, we were the OAC tournament host, and set the new team stolen base record with 124 total. I was also honored as being named to our All-Conference team that season for my individual performance and OAC Hitter of the Week during the month of March.
Why do you coach?
I coach because, as a young player, I looked up to my coaches as role models. I strive and hope to be that for the players that I coach. Coaching is a great bonus to working for a school like Holy Name because of how great each and every kid truly is. There is a bond that is established between coach and player that goes far beyond the field; those bonds tend to last a lifetime too.
What attracted you to Holy Name?
The atmosphere, the people, the environment. There was this feeling that I had which one cannot really explain. Now working in Admissions for the school, I try to emphasize that “feeling” as well.
How are you staying active at home?
I am staying active while at home by: running the hill every morning that is outside of my home, watching baseball videos on technique, plate discipline, at-bat strategy, and coaching every day, going on walks with my fiance, and staying in touch with my family via FaceTime as much as possible.
Is there anything else that you would like to share with the Holy Name High School Community?
Thank you all for your continued support for the athletic programs here at Holy Name. We are a school founded and based on tradition; it is the established support and pride that pushes our athletic teams to strive for excellence year in and year out. We truly thank you from the bottom our hearts. I am beyond blessed to not only be a part of the Holy Name Baseball team, but the Holy Name athletic family as well!
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